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Music Muse | Owl Eyes

Happy Friday loves! When I am walking downtown, I almost always have my earphones in, so if you were wondering what’s playing…it’s Owl Eyes. This Dream Pop sensation has been tantalizing my ears for a while. I get on these kicks of listening to the same song over and over again, with Owl Eyes, every song is on repeat. 

Peace + Love,

Biography | Owl Eyes 
After creating an enormous local buzz, passionate fanbase and an air of mystery in her short career, twenty-two year old singer / songwriter Owl Eyes (aka Brooke Addamo) continues the intrigue and delivers her first full-length project; ‘Nightswim’. A remarkably deep, ultra-modern, vibrant collection, ‘Nightswim’ not only showcases Brooke’s signature pop sensibilities and sublime taste, it firmly establishes her as one of music’s brightest and most innovative songwriters.

Walking the line between light and shade, night and day, strength and struggle, the album is a stirring assortment of densely layered, progressive jams that only adds to the ongoing tale that is this young career. Spanning eleven new tracks of sprawling synthpop, including the brilliant nostalgia of first single ‘Closure’, the slick, Scandinavian attitude of ‘Hurricane’ and Italo-disco stylings of title track ‘Nightswim’, Owl Eyes has managed to fashion a diverse yet cohesive record, bonded by its bold, emotive songwriting and dynamic production. 

Formed in collaboration with a small but powerful group of creative partners - the recent ARIA Award-winning Styalz Fuego (Producer of the Year), frequent collaborator Jan Skubiszewski and emerging Perth producer Cameron Parkin - ‘Nightswim’ displays a distinct growth and development from Brooke’s previous efforts, a coming of age record that indicates she has discovered herself as both person and artist.

With three successful EPs (2010’s ‘Faces’, 2011’s ‘Raiders’, 2012’s ‘Crystalised’), years of relentless touring and multiple triple j Hottest 100 appearances under her belt, ‘Nightswim’ has been a long time coming. It was definitely worth the wait.

Foodie News | The Cincinnati Food + Wine Classic { Sept 12-13 }

Founded in 2014 by Donna Covrett and Courtney Tsitouris, the Cincinnati Food + Wine Classic is a celebration of the Midwest as a longstanding destination for  food, beer and spirit excellence.


Courtney Tsitouris (left) and Donna Covrett (right)

“This is a two-day epicurean event designed to capture the energy and enthusiasm of the dynamic food scene in Cincinnati and beyond,” says Courtney Tsitouris, co-founder of the Classic.

The Classic will include two completely different grand tastings on Friday and Saturday evening. Friday celebrates Cincinnati’s “Porkopolis” heritage with Pork Chopped, a competition judged by Andrew Knowlton of Bon Appétit, Keith Pandolfi of Saveur, and Top Chef Masters judge Francis Lam.

Saturday’s grand tasting will celebrate Cincinnati’s finest dining. Culinary demonstrations, wine and spirit seminars, panel discussions, chef competitions, book signings, and a Rising Star brunch take place Saturday morning and afternoon; and five individually themed VIP after-parties at downtown venues will cap off both evenings. A portion of proceeds will go to the Freestore Foodbank, the event’s non-profit partner.

“The word is out,” says Donna Covrett, co-founder and executive director with Tsitouris. “We have a vibrant food, wine, and brewing community that’s getting noticed by others. We’ve piqued the interest of publications such as Food & Wine, New York Times, USA Today, Travel & Leisure, and more as a beautiful city with a quirky-cool community of creative, talented, artisans of all sorts. It’s something to be proud of, explored, and shared.”

For Tickets Click HERE 

Local and national talent has already been confirmed for the event. Names include (but are not limited to):

Jean-Robert De Cavel + Daniel Wright + Michael Paley + Paul Sturkey + Julie Francis + Nate Appleman + Megan Ketover + Jonathon Sawyer + Keith Pandolfi + Jose Salazar + Tony Ferrari + Edward Lee + Todd Kelly + Stephen Williams + David Falk + Anne Kearney + Andrew Knowlton + Francis Lam + Elias Leisring + Nick Marckwald + Jeremy Lieb + Owen Maass + Levon Wallace + David Cook + Cristian Pietoso + Anthony Lamas + Joy Wilson + Jimmy Gibson + Stella Parks + Joel Molloy + Charles Redmond + Rom Wells + Ned Elliot + Anita Hirsch + Mark Bodenstein + Hideki Harada + Michael Worth + Ryan Santos + Kyle Johnson + Paul Barraco + Jim Cornwell + Pat Lafrieda + Vic Vegas

For a complete look at what’s in store, follow on Facebook and Twitter. #CFWC14

Photos + Information taken from Official Cincinnati Food + Wine Classic website. 

Cincinnati Food + Wine Classic: Dan Wright Spotlight from City Stories on Vimeo.

Classic Alley Fight from City Stories on Vimeo.

Cincinnati Food + Wine Classic: Pork Chopped from City Stories on Vimeo.

Artist Spotlight | Rupa Chordia 

I am loving these pieces by renowned artist Rupa Chordia, available at Malton Gallery right now! 

Peace & Love,


From Left to Right | 

1. Rupa Chordia, The Game of Guessing Colors
Acrylic On Canvas, 16 x 16 inches, Malton Gallery. 

2. Rupa ChordiaMonsoon Days V,Acrylic On Canvas,16 x 16 inches, Malton Gallery.

3.Rupa Chordia, Sacred Thread 1, Oil On Canvas, 12 x 12 inches, Malton Gallery.

4. Rupa Chordia, Thoughts No Thoughts 1,Oil On Canvas, 12 x 12 inches, Malton Gallery.

For more information, price, to view more pieces, or to purchase, please contact Virginia Blair (Malton Gallery Fine Art Dealer) at 513.448.7976 or Please mention you saw this piece on the VB Lifestyle Blog.

Artist Spotlight | Richard Allan George {1935-1990}

Richard Allan George, Seated Colorful Female, leg over armchair, Drawing, 24” x 18”. Malton Gallery 

For more information, price, to view more pieces, or to purchase, please contact Virginia Blair (Malton Gallery Fine Art Dealer/Consultant) at 513.448.7976 or

Learn More About The Artist | Richard Allan George{1935-1990}

Richard Allan George was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1935 -spending his adolescent years in Ontario, Canada…

In 1960, he received his Bachelors of Fine Art (BFA) in painting while studying at State University in Buffalo, New York; working in photography as an undergraduate and simultaneously serving in the U.S. Army. George moved to New York in 1960 and was enrolled in half-time study at the Art Students league until 1963.

From 1963 to 1969 he continued to paint and became part owner of Loewer Studio, Inc. -an art studio specializing in college textbook illustrations.

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